Dynamic Cancer Fundraiser Generates $85K for Local Charities

Annual Rock N Run event supports breast and ovarian cancer research and assists area patients

By: Community News

Bringing together the South Florida community for a morning of energetic fun and community spirit, the 5th annual Rock N Run 5K event raised an unprecedented $85,000 for breast and ovarian cancer organizations. Community sponsors, including the Village of Pinecrest and Temple Beth Am were a huge part of the event’s success.

Held Sunday, October 8th at Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest, Rock N Run was attended by 400 people, many who have been personally touched by cancer. Fundraisers like Mari Bustamante, who recently underwent ovarian cancer and Jackie Zucker, whose many family members have also been affected by the disease, attended the event not only to support a worthwhile cause, but to share the morning with friends, family and community members who understand what it’s like to battle this health issue.

“This year’s Rock N Run was amazing,” said Mari Bustamante “It was wonderful to see all my friends and neighbors gathered together in support of this critical issue.”

Presenting sponsor UM Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and Sebastian the Ibis, added to the community spirit and camaraderie of the morning. The Rock N Run event featured a warm-up by Orange Theory and an energetic, cardio-blasting dance class featuring local dance legends Claudine Nanini, Rumba Mania’s Wally Diaz and Videosync’s Jay Marcos.

Created in 2013 by the Hollub and Wolf families, Rock N Run’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for organizations investing in a cure and assisting women struggling with breast or ovarian cancer. The annual fundraiser consists of a walk/run and dance fest that encourages the community to come together and share a fun-filled day with their friends, family and neighbors.

“Rock N Run has developed a unique sense of community that sets us apart,” says Amy Hollub, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2009 and was the inspiration for the annual event. “So many participants come back year after year because we are so grassroots and they know the funding will stay mostly local, helping women in our community.”

In fact, for many attendees, this hyper-local focus makes Rock N Run their favorite cancer charity event.

“It’s amazing to think that my contribution could be helping any number of South Florida women,” says Jackie Zucker. “It could be my next-door-neighbor, coworker or friend that I am directly helping.”

It is because of this powerful community connection that Rock N Run can feel like an enormous reunion with those currently undergoing treatment receiving support and inspiration from those who have overcome these life-altering diagnoses.

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Annual fundraising event started as bat mitzvah project

by Sergio Carmona

The annual Rock 'N Run started as Aliya Hollub's bat mitzvah project in 2013 in honor of her mother, an ovarian cancer survivor, and has grown over the first three years.

The recent third annual Rock 'N Run at Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest drew 600 people, including participants, sponsors and volunteers, and has so far, at press time, grossed almost $60,000. The event raised more than $40,000 in its first year and close to $50,000 in its second. The event included a cardio-blasting dance class and 5K where participants could race or walk. It was created to united the community in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer and promote awareness to enhance prevention and early detection. Proceeds from the event benefit several breast and ovarian cancer charities.

"I'm just so glad that something that started out as something small turned into something big where everyone in the community comes to help and support us," Aliya, 14, of Pinecrest, said.

Amy Hollub, Aliya's mother, said "I think the reason we've had so much support for this event is because in one way or another, cancer does touch everyone."

The idea for this fundraising event came from Aliya and her sister Rylee. As the first year happened to coincide with Aliya's bat mitzvah, the event became her mitzvah project.

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Friends and Neighbors: Rock ‘N Run raises more than $55,000 for cancer research


Participants at the third annual Rock ‘N Run raised more than $55,000 to help women in our South Florida community through breast and ovarian cancer research, awareness and assistance. 

“It was a huge success with over 500 participants,” said Amy Hollub, one of the organizers. Members of the Hollub and Wolf families hosted the Oct. 4 event.

“Rock ‘N Run plays an important role in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer by bringing passionate community members together to raise awareness about the diseases, while providing education and vital resources for local organizations serving women in our community,” said Andrea Ivory of Women’s Breast and Heart Health Initiative in a release. “This effort helps to save and change lives. We are so honored to be a part of it!”

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Community Breast and Ovarian Cancer Event

Hundreds of participants will “Think N Feel Pink N Teal” as they gear up to dance, walk or run at the 3rd Annual Rock ‘N Run, Sunday, October 4th, Temple Beth Am, 5950 N. Kendall Drive.

Rock ‘N Run, an incredible day of health, strength and spirit, was created to unite our community in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer and raise awareness to enhance prevention and early detection. Last year almost $50,000 was raised and distributed to a variety of causes supporting research, awareness and support for women in the community.  This year, Rock ‘N’ Run will support, among others, University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center-Cancer Link, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Women’s Breast and Heart Health Initiative, Sandy B. Muller Breast Cancer Foundation, Sharsheret and FORCE.

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