Rock 'N Run has most successful fundraising event

By Sergio Carmona

The recent sixth annual Rock ‘N Run that took place at Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest drew nearly 500 participants and sponsors who helped raise more $100,000. It was the most successful year for this annual walk, run and dance fest.

The fundraising event was created to unite the community in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer and promote awareness to enhance prevention and early detection. It started as Pinecrest teen Aliya Hollub's bat mitzvah project in 2013 in honor of her mother, Amy Hollub, an ovarian cancer survivor. After watching her mother bravely battle the disease, Aliya knew she wanted to make a difference for others diagnosed with this disease.

“I realized just how many women were going through this ordeal and wanted to help them,” Aliya, who created Rock ‘N Run in 2013 along with her mother, family and friends, said. “I knew I wanted to create an ongoing event that would be fun, inspirational and give survivors the opportunity to gather together and celebrate their incredible journey back to health.”

The idea for this fundraising event came from Aliya and her sister Rylee. As the first year happened to coincide with Aliya's bat mitzvah, the event became her mitzvah project. The event's mission is to energize the local community and raise funds for organizations that help women struggling with breast or ovarian cancer. It has brought together survivors, their friends and family to share what has been considered a fun-filled, action-packed day. The event has also become an opportunity for women who’ve battled breast and ovarian cancer to discuss their journey, inspire others and share stories and advice.

Since its creation, the event has raised and donated to non-profits such as Cancer Link and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance.

“After what I went through, it feels good to be able to give back and help other women in need,” said Amy Hollub. “My family and I enjoy hosting this incredible fundraiser, knowing that we are bringing light to people who may be living some of the darkest and most difficult moments of their life.”

Through the years, the event has established what has been considered a unique sense of community as many of the participants have been with it from the start.

“It feels like a big reunion every time,” said Jackie Zucker, who has sponsored Rock ‘N Run from its inception. “I love touching base with everyone, getting the chance to catch up with old friends while helping women in need.”

The event's presenting sponsor this year was the Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida.

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